Aviation Cover

With helicopter travel becoming more cost effective, helicopters for the use of moving people between festivals, industry and commerce is now a regular occurrence and at Sharp Fire and Rescue Service we provide Aviation Cover.

Whether it be an air show/display, a fly by, festival landing zones, private landings or an emergency delivery for industry to keep the production line moving, our dedicated aviation team are on hand to assist with all your site operations.

Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS) for such movements is also commonly referred to as Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and occasionally as Crash Fire Rescue (CFR).

The level of RFFS required varies according to the type of aircraft, and we are able to provide guidance on the appropriate resources required, from concept through to implementation to ensure sufficient fire and rescue response cover is in place.

We can provide RFFS to cover fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft movements in accordance with CAP 168 and CAP 699.

Our qualified and competent crews are able to cover aircraft movements for festivals, industrial sites, film and TV. We can tailor make packages to include advice on landing sites and safety precautions in preparation for your specific undertaking.

In the unlikely event our personnel should be called upon to respond to an aircraft related incident, their strategic intentions would be:

  • Preserve and protect lives
  • Mitigate and minimise the impact of the incident
  • Protect the public
  • As all crash sites are deemed a crime scene until the Police state otherwise, personnel will ensure evidence is preserved and full records are kept of response operations.
  • Assist with the earliest return to normality

Our team are well versed in the nuances of working alongside high profile individuals such as celebrities and dignitaries alike, ensuring their privacy, safety and confidentiality is respected at all times.

For more details on our Aviation Cover services please contact us here for a competitively priced quotation.