Blue Light Logistics

Our Blue Light Logistics division offers a range of services. With its huge load capacity and its own Moffett Forklift, our Incident Response Unit can be made available at short notice for the moving of firefighting equipment, humanitarian aid, emergency aid, disaster relief, or medical supplies in bulk, safely and more importantly efficiently

Being able to self-load and unload via its Moffett Forklift and the sheer size of this vehicles load capacity, this can reduce the number of journeys traditionally made without the consideration for a dedicated vehicle for the loading and unloading.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic this vehicle was utilised on a number of occasions at very short notice for the moving of large amounts of lifesaving equipment and PPE throughout the whole of the UK.

The IRU can be available on short notice for long term medical / humanitarian aid projects for all your bulk movement logistical services.

We also have a selection of smaller vehicles including a Vauxhall Vivaro Technical Support Unit and several Command cars that can all be utilised for urgent logistics including the urgent transportation of blood, samples and organs.

A large variety of our vehicles and drivers have been heavily utilised during the COVID pandemic for the movement of COVID19 swabs and testing kits and the urgent deliveries of essential PPE.

All vehicles are fitted with tracking and telemetry monitoring, camera recording equipment, audible and visual warning devices and are fully insured for blue light transportation at the request of the Local Authority and can be made available at short notice, with competent and fully trained drivers.

Through our industry partners we have the facility for cost effective solutions for the movement of vehicles, shipping containers and larger scale bulk goods.

Services are available for urgent adhoc requirements. Contact our team here for further information or to discuss your Blue Light Logistics Requirements.