Civil Resilience & Emergency Planning

Sharp Fire & Rescue Service are able to undertake Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) with local Fire Authorities, Civil Resilience and Emergency Planning Departments, or response to individual incidents with a mobilisation request to undertake a multitude of specialist services for the provision of specialist equipment or Personnel.

We currently have a fleet of fire appliances that are available to local authority Fire and Rescue Services for resilience and business continuity cover, including (but not limited to) during spate conditions, adverse weather, unavailability of their own appliances or during staffing shortages (foreseen or unforeseen).

We are also able to offer competent operational, fire safety or water safety personnel. Making Sharp Fire & Rescue Service, ideally suited to be able to assist with; wildfires, flooding, special service calls and with the provision of specialist appliances.

We also have a number of both high and low pressure tank and pump sledge units available. These are completely self-contained including basic forcible entry tools and water replenishment equipment.These can be made available on unmarked 4×4 pickups with prior notice, both with or without crew, or can be delivered in bulk at short notice with our IRU. 

These are available to local authority, civil contingency and emergency planning for severe weather conditions such as heat waves, or for prolonged incidents, or incidents where there are severe vehicle access problems.

A full hand over on their use will be given upon delivery and delivered on our IRU, they will be loaded onto your vehicles with our Moffett forklift.

We can also provide Control Room Operators / Managers to support Local Authority Services in times of staff shortages caused by pandemics or epidemics or during spate weather conditions such as heat waves or flooding’s where call levels are higher.

All our Control Room Managers are fully conversant with major incident protocols with one of their primary aims being to restore normal operations and minimise any adverse effect on business or event operations. This ensures that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are returned and maintained.

For more information on our Civil Resilience and Emergency Planning service, please contact us here.