Flood Pumping & Salvage

To reduce the demands placed on Local Authorities for flood pumping and salvage we are able to assist in the provision of this service on a third-party basis.

Natural flooding is becoming an increasing problem; it may cause widespread damage and disruption to areas and can often affect a large number of locations at the same time

We have a wide range of pumping equipment with size capacities up to 4500 litre per minute which can be utilised for the removal or large quantities of water.

We also have a number of high-capacity vacuum water tankers with off road capability which can be used to remove large volumes of water out of the “hot zone”.

Not only are we able to assist with the pumping out of properties, but in residential properties we can also undertake the removal of valuable items and personal belongings.

On commercial scale properties we are able to utilise our water rescue evacuation sledges and rafts for the removal of possessions on a commercial scale.

Our front line fire and rescue response vehicles are fully equipped with a wide range of tools to support such operations including multiple lengths of fire hose, small fire pumps and stand alone battery lighting.

Salvage operations are not just limited to flooding but can be used after the unfortunate event of a fire for domestic, commercial, and industrial properties. This service is available both stand alone or in conjunction with our water rescue and boat team.

Please note, the local authority fire service may not always be able to help in the event of a flood. A fire crew will not automatically be sent. An officer will attend to assess the situation and if they feel the fire service can assist, they will call for a fire crew. The officer may not attend straight away though as all calls are prioritised.

For more information on our Flood Pumping and Salvage services please contact us here.