Flood Rescue & Evacuation

Our Water Rescue Team are available at short notice for national Flood Rescue and Evacuation of any flooded areas or vulnerable people, both as a response or preventative measure.

Our Water Rescue Team is equipped with the latest specialised water rescue inflatables and undergoes the most current training in Water Rescue, Rescue Boat Operation and Managing of Water Incidents.

This means that they are capable of safely evacuating large numbers of both fully mobile victims and casualties with reduced mobility from the flooded area to a safe and dry environment during severe weather.

Our team will search methodically and systematically to ensure properties are searched and all occupants are made contact with, and those that wish to be evacuated are evacuated safely.

Our Flood Rescue and Evacuation Equipment includes:

  • Water Rescue Rafts
  • Water Rescue Sleds
  • Evacuation Sleds
  • Rescue Pathways

We are able to evacuate victims from a variety of sectors or incident types such as; camping and caravanning sites, supermarkets, leisure and recreational complexes, housing developments, businesses and schools.

The team are also available to provide welfare checks on those who refuse to be displaced allowing Local Authorities to maintain their rescue efforts.

Our flood rescue team have the latest in evacuation equipment including rescue rafts, rescue sleds, evacuation sleds, rescue pathways and body splint stretchers. The team is fully self-contained and able to work for protracted periods of time.

Flood rescue teams can be deployed as a stand-alone entity or along side our front line fire response vehicles which can also be mobilised to deal with flood pumping and salvage operations.

Our sister company Sharp Medical Services can also assist with the set up and implementation of evacuation centres including the triage of incoming victims and welfare servicers.

Our water incident managers are all serving or ex fire service managers and are able to fully coordinate and manage large scale, multi-agency flood evaluation operations.

For more information on our Flood Rescue and Evacuation services please contact us here.